29th Annual San Francisco Authors Luncheon 2017

Authors Luncheon Committee

  • Bob Ceccato, Event Chair
  • Dovid Coplon
  • Jessica Goldman Foung
  • Sheila Gordon
  • Kristen Green-kutch
  • Maxine Moir
  • Elaine Petrocelli
  • Amy Rnnert
  • Lucy Sanna
  • Meg Starr
  • Karen West


Executive Leadership Committee

  • Chuck Columbus, Chair
  • Kristine Ball
  • Jessica L. Bier
  • Vincent A. Campitelli II
  • Bob Ceccato
  • Rosemary Fox, BSN
  • Judith A. Hasko
  • Kacy Hutchison
  • Bob Moore
  • Ben Potter
  • Don Reitz
  • David A. Rood
  • Mike Stahl

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